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File Under Shane - Soul On Fire

01.  Not My World
02.  Jupiter
03.  Don't
04.  All Doubt Will Go Away
05.  Dripping Mess
06.  Before Tide Pulls Back
07.  Explode
08.  Killer Dreams
09.  Champagne
10.  Soul On Fire
11.  Hide The Sun
12.  Your Last Song

Reviews Soul On Fire:
"As a follow up to 'Trenches', a critically acclaimed five track demo, this subsequent twelve track showpiece is called 'Soul On Fire'; a completely appropriate title to cover the album's excellent content. Besides Shane's unique and warm voice, a mixture somewhere between the baddie sound of a juvenile Nick Cave and Ian Curtis' desperation, it is striking that the unbounded rock sounds extremely creative and very playful." KindaMuzik  "Personal favourite of yours truly is the incredibly sad -but beautiful- 'Your Last Song', a justifiable closer to the album. However, also ‘Jupiter’ with its ‘late night bar’ atmosphere and the pounding ‘Dripping Mess’ are both fine and firm songs. Holland has got a new and promising rock band in the shape of File Under Shane. Without a doubt we will hear more from these guys." Kinky Star Records (Belgium) "Strongest rocker is 'Dripping Mess' but the undisputable highlight is 'All Doubt Will Go Away', a pretty song that has been kept small and intimate and that somehow is reminiscent of Tim Buckley's 'Morning Glory'." Heaven (Belgium) "The stories are intriguing and worth to think over. This singer/songwriter can be proud to present 'Soul On Fire', which is a coherent album. We are certain we are going to hear a lot more from File Under Shane." MusicFrom "With this album Shane -along with a couple of befriended musicians- proves that he has outgrown the demo stage. 'Soul On Fire' turned out to be the album that indeed lives up to its promise." Planet Trash "The album alternates with up-tempo and down-tempo songs and this results in a fine balance. 'Not My World', 'Don't' and 'Explode' are highlights, but honoustly the album doesn't have any weak songs. All we can do is wait for that record label with the guts to place File Under Shane right there in the market." Radio Ramonaaa

File Under Shane - Trenches

01.  To Her & Further Back Again

02.  Beautiful Lie
03.  Trenches
04.  You I Bleed
05.  So High So Low

Reviews Trenches:
“Strong lyrics from a singer who dares to be vulnerable.” Oor Magazine “Trenches rises above your average CD, it’s a beautiful musically piece of art.” LiveXS "Passionate theme and lyrics (...)" Verse Noten Radio “Very promising!” Kink FM “As far as you can judge after such a short acquaintance with File Under Shane, it seems Holland has at its disposal a new talented songwriter. Bring on the full-length album!” KindaMuzik
“The production is also well taken care off, everything’s accurately balanced and all the details are perfectly noticeable.” 'Poka' Popkrant “Musically File Under Shane leans to the more theatrical side of David Bowie and if you would replace Shane’s voice for Nick Cave’s, these songs (just) wouldn’t have made it to the B-sides album that Cave released earlier this year. But say so yourself, almost making it to Nick Cave’s B-sides, that’s quite an achievement on itself, isn’t it?” File Under “A great talent .” Planet Trash “A voice that keeps the memory of Johnny Cash alive, a singing style that is reminiscent of Neil Young’s and five artistically justifiable, however perfectly likeable songs.” Radio Ramonaaa “His beautiful EP is already one of our team’s favourites. Imagine a masculine Antony & The Johnsons; sometimes vulnerable, sometimes biting. Absolutely peculiar.” Plato record store Waterput
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