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Lost Pictures (2015-2016)

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Paper cut art project
The series 'Lost Pictures' consists of intricate paper cuts based on personal pictures generously supplied to me by US Vietnam War Veterans.
In 2016 these works were on exhibition at the Paper Biennale of Contemporary art, CartasiaLucca, ItalyA 12 minute documentary about the creation had its premiere at the international documentary festival DocFeed in Eindhoven in Feb 2016 and can be watched online here on YouTube (Dutch) and here on Vimeo (English subs)
For any information about these or former artworks, please contact me at hansmeertens@hotmail.com.
Thank you for your interest.

Hans Meertens

  • Wilson's War

    Wilson's War
  • First Day in Vietnam

    First Day in Vietnam
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    The Doublemint Twins

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  • Roy & Russ

    Roy & Russ
  • Third Squad

    Third Squad

  • Alan & M40

    Alan & M40
  • Mike

  • Writing Home

    Writing Home

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